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Along with ranking reports, traffic analytics is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Used properly, traffic analytics provide visibility into the quality, quantity, and importance of the traffic to a website. Our professional SEO staff knows how to cut through the mounds of data and distill the reports down to a handful of key metrics that matter the most.

Analytics as a Management Tool

The majority of websites we encounter don’t have traffic analytics installed. For those that do, we’ve found that about half of all site owners PAY NO ATTENTION to the reports. When asked to compare the performance of their website as an advertising tool in relation to other efforts, a majority of site owners can’t answer this question with any real certainty. Traffic analytics are vital and offer a wealth of insight into site performance with statistics such as:

  • Bounce rate, or how often visitors stay on the site beyond the first page found
  • Visitor geographic location
  • Keywords used to find the site
  • Duration of visits
  • Most popular pages

What Can Analytics Tell Us?

While the raw statistics from analytics are useful, the best insights come from their interpretation and ongoing monitoring. We focus on bringing you the metrics that chart the course for ongoing SEO efforts. By combining a review of your site’s SEO profile and your analytics data, we can give you valuable information such as:

  • What are the most valuable sources of traffic?
  • How are pay-per-click ads performing compared to natural traffic?
  • Do visitors take the actions desired?
  • Do visitors come back again for more information later?
  • How well is out site performing now and can we preserve that traffic?

How Our Competition Falls Short

A large number of SEO companies don’t ask to see their client’s analytics. This is a huge mistake. Analytics are the barometer for our SEO efforts, much like a balance sheet and income statement are barometers for an accountant.

Some of our customers have spent thousands of dollars a month on SEO companies that don’t look at analytics. This is insane! Would you trust a doctor to perform surgery or prescribe a medication without first fully understanding the diagnosis and risks involved? Of course not! Sadly, there are too many SEO practitioners who offer services that completely analytics and charge large sums for services that may not even make a difference to their clients.

How Our SEO Strategy Is Different – Educating Our Clients

Of course, an optimization effort can result in high rankings, but the real measures of success in an SEO strategy come from conversation rates, return-on-investment, costs per conversion and targeted traffic counts. We strive to educate our clients to help them maximize the returns on their SEO investments by offering:

  • Training on analytics software
  • Guidance on key performance metrics and how to gauge success
  • Insights on which reports are most important and why
  • Setup of conversation goals and associated reports
  • Analysis of traffic patterns and traffic quality

Also, by using these analytics tools, our clients can assess how well our SEO services are performing and whether the desired results are happening. We monitor traffic analytics right along with our clients as a measure of our success.

Your Analytics Experts Are Here

Our experts can help you get a handle on the good, the bad, and the ugly of your website traffic. Contact us today to get started!

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