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What good is a website if nobody can find it on the Web? A site may have great content, fabulous design and offer useful information, but none of that matters it it can't be found.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is the systematic application of numerous strategies and tactics to improve a site's ability to be found in search engines. For the majority of web sites, Google drives between 70 and 80 percent of all traffic to those sites. A web visitor's search for information, product and services usually starts with a search of Google or other search engines such as Yahoo and MSN. SEO efforts seek to improve the likelihood that a site will be found as a result of these searches.

Why Isn't My Site Being Found?

In a nutshell... probably because it wans't designed with optimization in mind. Many sites look great and have great features, but their designers don't have a fundamental understanding of what causes sites to be found in search engine results Google states that it uses over 200 data points to determine that ranking of a page. Without "baking in" these factors into a site's design, it will very likely get lost in the shuffle of sites vying for position in search engines.

My Site Needs SEO - How Can seowaukeshawebdesign.com Help?

More than 90 percent of search referrals are from results on the first page - that it, within the top ten positions for the phrase searched. Over the last several years, we've studied how to get into the top 10 results and developed a standard process for identifying optimization roadblocks, fixing problems and implementing one or more strategies for our clients' sites.

First, we review the "where you've been, where you're at, and where you want to go" with your site. Next, we'll apply our 25+ SEO tools to your site and your competitors to see where your site is doing well and where it needs help. Plus, we conduct keyword research to see which phrases will work the best for the site. Finally, we'll work with you to craft an SEO strategy that's specific to your site and its needs.

Our method considers three key aspects of optimization:

  • On-Page Optimization: What is each page saying about you?
  • On-Site Optimization: What is your whole site saying about you and the site's pages
  • Off-Site Optimization: What are other sites saying about you?

Between these three areas of optimization, we can implement over 200 specific tactics on a site to improve its search engine positioning. The tactics we choose will vary depending on numerous factors including:

  • Competition in your industry and for your keywords
  • The types and extent of past optimization efforts for your site
  • The business goals you wish to achieve through optimization
  • The types of products, services or information your site provides

Sounds Great - How Do We Start?

We have a simple three-step approach:

  1. Call for a free, no-obligation analysis of your site and needs
  2. We'll give you a comprehensive and detailed plan and proposal for the efforts we would undertake for your site
  3. With you approval, we'll get to work to raise the profile of your site, improve its traffic and help it meet your goals

Waukesha SEO Services - Experts at Your Service

Ready to go? Contact us today to get your website on the fast-track to higher search engine positioning!

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